Thursday, September 11, 2008

big decisions

This has been the week of big decisions, big changes, and spending big money.

Change number one, is what's lying in bed beside me. No, I didn't buy myself a man, rather, I have acquired a cat named Sophie. At this exact moment she's scratching herself with her foot and shaking the bed.

Sophie is AWESOME! I adopted her from a pet store satellite of our local humane society. The poor thing was there for seven months because no one wanted her. So, I brought home an eight year old, long haired, seriously overweight cat who doesn't like children or other animals. Sophie spends most of her time hiding. Under the bed is her favourite, however she also likes under the futon, and in my closet. She sleeps in my bed with me, which is super cute.

Change two, is where my bed is. I moved on Saturday. Thank goodness for friends, moving sucks. I do like my new apartment though. It's smaller then the old one, but it has plenty of room for Sophie and I. It's a third story walk up, so I'm even getting some extra exercise out of the deal.

The final big change in my life, or rather, the big money grabber, is that I bought a car today. It's a brand new Pontiac wave, and it's definitely the biggest decision I've made in my entire life. Or well, biggest in terms of financialness. I can't believe how much money it's all going to cost! I'm pleased with it, and it gets to come home with me tomorrow. Great gas mileage though.

It's amazing how much something like a car costs, and yet how easy it is to take for granted. Cars are such an integral part of our modern society. Most social work jobs, at least here, require you to have one. At least the kind of social work where you are out on the streets dealing with people. I'm so rich, to be able to afford such a thing, and I by no means got an expensive car (although really, if i'd skipped some of the features, I could have had it cheaper). It just makes you think, about how much we really have.


antiSWer said...

Congrats on the car and the cat! We got a cat a while back and they're a bundle of fun. Even better if they're a bit odd.

cb said...

Cat pictures would be nice :) I am convincing myself that I need to get a cat..

Caroline said...

Amen to that - Here in the UK they are predicting that 25,000 older people will die this winter of hypothermia because they cannot afford fuel and yet a friend of mine was in Harrods yesterday and saw a handbag for £19000! The gap between the haves and the have nots gets bigger and bigger and it is easy to take for granted the things we have. Have to say though - decent wheels are a great pleasure and cats are an essential - they make a house a home. Enjoy what you have and be aware that you are lucky at the same time.

Bethany said...

Congrats on a car!! So exciting. :)

Anonymous said...

Whoo-hoo for your sweet car and for moving assistance, and most of all for your cat. Sometimes I think cats are the best therapy of all. Hope yours cuddles!

Still Dreaming said...

aww thanks guys. I'm pretty happy. The cat is under the bed right now, as usual, and the car is in the front of the new apartment! Yay!

Herman said...

(I'm finally catching up)

Congratulations on the new car. Buy a car is stressful!!

I agree, I want to see kitty pictures