Tuesday, August 5, 2008

what if the clients did the performance evaluations

My random thought of the day, was that clients really should have a way to evaluate us. The detox clients do in a way, they get to evaluate "staff" on their evaluation forms, but that's it. I really wish that clients had a good way to give constructive feedback.

For example, more than one client has complained to me about a particular staff member's attitude towards them. I happen to be on the side of the clients on this one, as I've seen the behaviour in action. However, all I can do is direct them to talk to management. There's no way for me to document this, I asked, and there's no easy way for them to record it either. Management is fine and all, but they're not necessarily the easiest people to talk to.

I was thinking that some random client evaluations given to clients by management and then compiled by management so they were anonymous might be good for us. I mean in some ways I can gage how my clients feel about me, but in other ways I can't. When I was in therapy I got to evaluate my therapist. When I was in school I got to evaluate my professors. How come my clients don't get to evaluate me?


antiSWer said...

Maybe this is something you should push for in the future? Evaluation on any level is so important.

The problem I see is that you say that management is difficult to talk to, yet they should be administering the evaluation?

Until a formal, outside evaluation is put together, keep asking for feedback and keep asking how to pass this feedback on. Maybe something informal can be worked out.

bluejeansocialwork said...

What about an anonymous suggestions box? I think you've identified an absolutely critical need here. We're in a client service profession. There needs to be some way to obtain client opinions, the less threatening and more easily accessed, the better.

cb said...

We have evaluation surveys that are sent out to people every time they are discharged from our service. To be honest, it's one of the best forms of feedback we get. The suggestions box is a good idea!

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