Saturday, August 2, 2008

money on the streets

I'm on permanent nights now. It's awesome. I'm really rather pleased with the entire situation. I like the clients, the staff, the time, the work. Yay!

Last night was a normal CRAZY night in the life of IPDA. Intoxicated Person must be Detained under the Act far more often on weekends, after payday, when welfare cheques have come out! At one point I had five, count them, five police cars lined up outside the building. I was SO not impressed. It was beyond annoying. But, I got through it. My supervisor did all my paper work, which just made everything go better, and I concentrated on doing the actual intakes and discharges so we never had to shut down for more then 20 minutes. One of my coworkers helped with the cleaning and checks, and yeah, it went really well. My philosophy is sort of like this. I can't work any faster then I can work, and the only thing that will sober people up is time, so sometimes, the police are just going to have to WAIT. I made some of them popcorn. That seemed to help.

This was again raises the question for me though. Why do I love my job?

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