Thursday, August 14, 2008

less then healed but definitely better

I'm finally almost better! Actually, I've gotten over whatever this was very quickly, and today I'm not even taking decongestants. As long as it doesn't settle in my chest I'm free! Considering it was just three days ago I was lying across three chairs in the emergency room crying, I've made an incredible recovery (I will give complete credit to the 2 liter bottle of ginger ail I drank).

Work yesterday was the pits though. I had a couple really great conversations with clients, but it was marred by staffing issues and the fact I felt feverish. I will be SO glad when I don't have to work the evening shift any more. We had 20+ people in detox, which is a lot. It also means a lot more laundry and a lot more dishes. We also did two intakes. Fine. Problem is, my supervisor left me basically on my own for the second half of my shift (there's supposed to be always two staff back there when we're more then 10 clients. On a day where I was healthy I could have done it no problem, but because I was feeling crappy, I just wasn't in the mood.

Mr. nice guy tried to help, which was sweet, but he was training a new staff at the front, so really couldn't. Best quote ever though. I answered the phone in detox to record a new intake from the front and he says "what's wrong with you?". Because I know him, I knew what he meant and answer "I have a flu/cold thing which is screwing up my voice", but I found his bluntness and choice of words amusing.

I'm sure today will be equally "pleasing". I'm hoping for a good partner, cause I'm sure I will be working detox again. It should be nice, as I'll get some good client time in which I always appreciate, and since it seems like everyone got their "one load of laundry while in detox" laundry done yesterday and there were only a couple scheduled discharges there shouldn't be too too much laundry!

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cb said...

Glad you're feeling better - but horrible that you have to go to work before you feel right :(