Monday, March 30, 2009


I said earlier this week that I was feeling this need to purge myself of bad stories as my job was coming to an end.  Well, Saturday night was the last night of my fulltime job, and I spun in circles on the pavement outside.  I was exhausted, and had one of my epic 18 hour sleeps when I got home.  This was good, because it put me back on a sleep/wake schedule that matches up with the majority of people, but the dreams, the dreams were horrible. 

While I worked at the shelter, I rarely dreamed about it.  Every now and again I would ahve this recuring nightmare about the drunk tank, but although it was always the same, it didn't happen too often.  Last night I dreamed about the horrible things.  I dreamed that I was the one sleeping in a bus shelter, I dreamed that I was the one sleeping in a shelter, I dreamed that I was the one picking bed bugs off the beds at the other shelter.  It was awful.  It was like now that it was over, now that I wasn't really working there anymore I was finally free to dream about it.  Label me NOT impressed! 

I'm hoping tonight goes better.  I had a semi active yet VERY stressfree day, so I'm hoping sleeping goes well.  I'm not even going to write about anything sad or frustrating or anything in the hopes of having a good sleep.  I'm going to read fluff before I go to bed.  Hopefully, this was just a one time occurance! 

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