Saturday, April 4, 2009

update on me

I've been off most of this week in between my two jobs, so naturally, I didn't bother to use any of my free time to write.  So, I'll try and make up for that with an update about how things are going. 

1. The Sophie cat seems just fine.  I have come to realize that I've never spent any time with her during the day (I've worked nights the whole time I've had her) and it's just how she is.  Plus, that day the caretaker was in to test my smoke detector while I was out and that probably scared her. 

2. Investigation at work.  This probably deserves it's own post, but in short, it's over.  I get to come in for a meeting to recieve my official letter of instruction...apparently it's not disciplinary though?  Anyway, I'm just a little mad, but at least it'll be over and done with (and I have A LOT to say about the difference between empowerment and clients having too much power). 

3. New job.  I went and had lunch with my new team this week.  They seem really nice, and I went to school with one of them, so at least I know her.  It was a welcome change to have them say how much I would like working there and that it was a good workplace as opposed to when I had my orientation at the shelter and was warned about particular staff members and particular shifts first thing. 

4. My emotional health.  I feel SO much better this week.  Definitely was good to have some time off.  I also spent time with friends and went out for coffee with someone I really respect.  She suggested going for spiritual direction, and I think I will.  I'm looking into it.  

5. My physical health.  If you look back at my blog, all year I've gotten sick every three months.  This pattern actually continues from before the start of the blog, it's just me.  The pattern failed, and only one month after the last occurance of strep throat, I am sick again.  After three days of having a low grade fever I finally dragged myself into Urgent Care last night and discovered that I have the dreaded "sinus infection"... ick.  Much as I don't want surgery, it'd be nice if I could just drill some holes in there so I could drain them and not waste 10 more days of my life on antibiotics.  SUPERGERMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (ahh run for your life). 

And so, that's me in a nutshell.  My new job starts Monday.  I now own a professional wardrobe, including high heeled shoes (if you can call an inch high, the point is, I have heels).  I'll post pictures of my cast once I break an ankle (shouldn't be long).  I also own makeup.  Now I just have to put in on... I was going to practice this week, but well, it never happened, so we'll just hope for the best Monday morning and I'll wind up at work looking like a drunk clown.  But I'm not sarcastic at all!

Happy Saturday!!!


Anonymous said...

I used to get chronic strep throat...finally had my tonsils out and discovered there was astrep infection living in my tonsils that would come out every few months...I feel your pain.
Congrats on a new job - I just started mine too. Doesn't it feel good to walk away from soul sucking drama?

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear the investigation is over...congratulations on the new job and the new wardrobe!

Worker of miracles said...

Bless you, I hope you get better soon, antibotics are not nice.

Re: heels and make-up - good for you if that's what you want but I must admit I don't wear make-up at work, even when I'm not on nights. Frankly if anyone were to suggest that, as a female, I should wear make-up, well, I would tell them where to stick it to be honest. That's not to say that I don't get glammed-up sometimes for special occasions, & I have been known to wear make-up to interviews, but don't feel you have to just because everyone else does.