Monday, April 20, 2009

gotta love it when they're out before they're in

So I had my first counseling session with a client today.  I felt like we moved waaaaaaaaaay too fast, but this guy was just eager to get things rolling and underway.  The thing of it was, he really wanted legal advice more then counseling, and so he wasn't really in the mood to slow things down.  

I have another client tomorrow who might come in.  She was kind of non-committal.  She's one of those clients who has seen just about everyone on our team and had some sort of falling out or failing with just about everyone.  Being the new girl, it's now my turn.  My supervisor thinks she's like me.  Who knows.  

Speaking of which, I had supervision today, which was nice.  I really like my supervisor.  I'm still kind of intimidated by her, but I think that's normal.  She seems to really care about the clients and about the staff, which is sooooooooo nice.  She said she was surprised I hadn't come and asked her more questions, but I really didn't have any for her.  I've sorted things out, and the other staff have been SO good about telling me stuff and helping me figure things out!  

My sinuses are still sore.  My ears were a bit better today though, instead it's my frontal sinuses giving me problems.  I've done the neti pot thing twice now.  It's a bit weird, but we'll see if it helps!  


Lee said...

I'm glad you're enjoying the new job:)

cb said...

It sounds like a great place!