Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Fire Yoga

The next person who says to me "well, isn't yoga just like stretching or something" is going to get a smack (at least inside my head).  If yoga was "just like stretching or something" I wouldn't have such sore arm muscles right now that I could barely lift my arms above my head.  

Yoga last night was awesome.  It almost killed me, but it was awesome.  Our teacher focused on the element "fire" and well, considering it's hot yoga to begin with, well, lets just say I was HOT!  When the hot room feels cool at the end because you're not engaging your "inner fire" or whatever it was, well, that says something!  

So, the point is, there are many different styles of yoga, just like, well, the fact that there are many different styles of therapy!  Someone who goes to a therapist for a couple sessions of soluation focused therapy is going to have a very different understanding of therapy then the person who went to years of old school psychoanalysis or someone who went to a practioner who focuses more on the Gestalt model.  

I'm not sure there was a real, true, point to this post, other then that my arms are soooooo sore and I need to whine about it somewhere.  Bestest bud is out of town on vacation, and she's the one I normally whine to first... perhaps that says something about my life?  


cb said...

I think this is a good place to whine! I used to go to yoga but kind of drifted away from it because I didn't really like the instructor very much but all these posts are almost tempting me back!

Sgt. Social Worker said...

I've gotten out of the yoga habit and I really miss it, I know I'm going to need it once I start school. Its an interesting way of processing things while being active.

But you're right, its not just stretching and stuff.