Thursday, May 21, 2009

Staff Meetings...

We had a staff meeting yesterday.  All the staff in our organization.  I can't say I was impressed.  I am NOT good at sitting still for 2.5 hours listening to stuff that is mostly irelevant to me.  Then our executive director was all like "how come the employment people are so quiet".  And well, it's because we simply didn't have anything to say!  The meeting was almost entirely about our residential program which we have very limited contact with.  

On the other hand, the staff for my program has a staff meeting once a week.  It's quick, to the point, and relevant.  I also find them fun.  I look forward to them even.  I know that if I'm having problems or there's something going wrong, I can bring it up at the staff meeting.  We often have food or something.  For example, today there will be skittles.  

Then, every other week we have a client meeting at which we review the status and activities of each and every person in our program.  It is a seriously great way to collect help and suggestions and I great way to make sure that none of our clients are being forgotten about.  So really, it's just the all staff meeting's that I hate... but still, how I hate them.  

On another note, having a boyfriend is time consuming.  The intrepid one came over to watch the next disk of Friends last night.  It was awesome, but it took my whole evening... 

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