Saturday, May 16, 2009

dreamer finds a boy (oh wait, I'm supposed to call him a "man")

You may have been wondering what happeneded to the dreamer over the past couple weeks.  Where have her deeply insightful and thought provoking posts gone?  Well, there is a simple answer, as happens to many of us, the dreamer has found herself a boyfriend who from now on will be referred to simply at "the intrepid one".  He got that name when we were 13 and it's stuck.  So yes, instead of lying on my couch blogging, I've actually been getting out of my house and seeing movies, and eating ice cream.  Although yesterday, we sat on the couch together and watched 8 or so episodes of Friends.  

Things seem to be going well these days.  I have yet another set of antibiotics for the never ending sinus infectiong, but I'm trying to be really diligant about taking care of myself so that maybe this time it'll finally go away!  

Work is going well.  My case load still really isn't picking up that much, but it's summer, and apparently that's what happens.  I've been doing quite a few intake interviews though, which is nice, I LOVE learning people's stories.  

Church is good as well.  And I'm seeing my spiritual director again on Tuesday.  

Sophie Cat is doing well.  She really seems to like the intrepid one, which is good, because it's vital that the two of them get along.  Yesterday she kept a very close eye on was kind of creepy actually.  I think she senses something is up because she doesn't stare at bestest buds boyfriend the same way.  Currently she's sticking her paw in her water dish and licking the water off her paw... she doesn't like to drink the normal way.  

So hopefully more social work posts shall follow soon.  I'm off to get my morning coffee before I go into major caffienne withdrawl.  


cb said...

Have fun :)

Just Be Real said...

New to your blog, and it looks like things are going pretty well for yourself. Great. Thanks for sharing!

Herman said...

:) wow