Friday, August 5, 2011

Things I've Learned

Today I got the clients to do an exercise for the last day of group in which they had to think of ten things they'd learned. Either things about employment, or coping skills, or job searching, or themselves, and so I figured that while they were working on it, I'd try and come up with ten things I'd learned in the past four weeks as well. I came up with 14 and thought I'd share them.

1. I am an adult... for real (I think I learn this one at least once a month though)
2. B12 shots rock my world
3. I don't want fixing, I want support (again, I learn this one a lot)
4. Half moon pose needs to be done from my finger tips
5. How to do a proper headstand the "yoga way"
6. How to stake peas and beans
7. It might not happen even when it feels right
8. Don't drink drinks made by a certain friend
9. How to be a better "mark" in ultimate frisbee
10. Gluten free buns are kind of gross (but they're buns I can eat so I eat them anyway)
11. Your SIN card no longer counts as ID for criminal record checks
12. Republic of Doyle is a great Canadian show
13. Cats at the office are good, transporting said cats to/from the office is not
14. Sophie Cat is a good judge of character (or at least dislikes the same people I do).

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