Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Birthday Number 25

I wanted to do a birthday post, of some sort, a sort of recap of my twenty fifth year on the earth, but I wasn't sure exactly what I wanted to post, so you get a mix of things.

For starters, you get to read about what I did today, because today was awesome. I decided to make the best of the whole not being allowed to/give the opportunity to not work today (I pouted and cried yesterday, today was for celebration). I was up early anyway, seeing as best friend texted me at 707 to wish me a happy birthday, and the cats were up and meowing. Dad and I met with the lawyer's office to sign all the papers for my house, then hit the Starbucks. I took him to my church's garden (which I'll DEFINITELY have to write about sometime) and we drove past my house. Then I did a flow class at yoga. Came home, ate lunch, watched tv yada yada, then off to my doctor for a quick check up and med refill and it was time for the second Starbucks visit of the day! (It's my birthday, why not). After that it was time for my flow II class at yoga then birthday dinner with my dad and sister at my favourite vegan burger place! They even have dairy free soft serve with gluten free cones, so I can EAT it! And that was my birthday :) A very good day if I do say so myself!

Now, for my reminiscing part. Things that have happened since I turned 24 last year.... hmmm
-Well, there's the obvious ones. My grandmother died, and then my mom died, right close together, so this has been a sad year in many ways.
-I decided to house hunt and bought a house!
-I became senior staff on my team and we had almost a complete staff turn over
-I became president of our union
-I deepened some friendships, let go of some others
-I learned a TON about yoga and how my body works
-I went back to counselling (and still go, on and off)
-I started seeing my naturopath
-I started getting massages
-I cut way back on my inhalers (I also stopped taking them completely for a bit, before the asthma nutrition plan, and couldn't breath deeply enough to do a sun salutation)
-I started playing Ultimate Frisbee (which is aweomse!)
-I went to Ottawa, Washington State, Washington D.C. and Richmond Hill Ontario (and got to do Moksha yoga in Ottawa and Richmond Hill)
-I broke my caffeine addiction but discovered that I still really like coffee
-I taught Sunday School, which I always said I'd never do again, and wound up liking it
-I said no to more things then I've ever said no to before (and the world didn't end)
-I decided to go to Malawi
-I began to enjoy wine only do have it disappear due to the asthma plan
-I learned more about motivational interviewing and am getting better at putting it into practice
-I came more to terms with my ethical and moral beliefs about suicidal clients

And well, I'm sure a lot more! I bet that didn't even touch most of what I did this year or what I learned, but I'm falling asleep as I type, so the list is as good as it gets!

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Carolyn said...

Happy Birthday! Sounds like you have had a very productive year. Here's to way more like that!