Tuesday, April 26, 2011

one of those days...

Today I am bored.
Today I am just not interested in doing my job.

Yesterday our office was closed for Easter Monday. We didn't want to have to cancel or group, especially since it was cancelled on Good Friday as well, so 3 of us came in for the day. I got SO much paperwork done. It was wonderful. However, I kind of feel like I've hit a wall now. I somehow had no clients this morning, and being at my desk is just killing me. None of my clients have even phoned. Thank goodness i'm doing group this afternoon or I'd go completely crazy.

So, other social workers, how do you deal with the paperwork mountain, or days when things are quieter?
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Carolyn said...

Bits of paperwork interspersed with bits of free cell or reading of social work blogs.

Mari said...

"Stumbled" upon your blog. Fellow shy Social Worker here =)Have enjoyed reading some of your past posts and can completely relate to your writing. Glad to have visited and hope to be back for more!