Saturday, August 22, 2009

blogger's block

I have bloggers block. Bad. I've just got nothing to write about. Except I do, oh how I do! Even though I make lists, and put things aside to write about later, I still can't manage to actually have an inspiration when I sit down at the computer.

Things I could blog about if I wasn't so blocked...

- How the cats are getting along
- Suicide
- Toolboxes of recovery and coping tools
- Teaching assertiveness
- Explaining to a client with slight cognitive impairment what child sexual abuse was
- Quitting smoking as a therapy goal
- Housing for people with mental illness
- Getting into the psych ward
- Suicide intervention during psychosis
- Sexual Assault
- Lack of staff at work
- Setting therapy goals
- My nutritionist
- Spiritual Direction
- Church
- Youth Retreat that's coming up
- Oil Changes
- What I've been reading/what I haven't been reading
- My roof
- Wheelchair poem guy
- Getting a social work student
- My best friend returning to my city (possibly why I haven't been blogging as much come to think of it)

And the list goes on, and on. Unfortunately, when I sit down to write, the words just don't come. I'm planning on trying harder, because blogging is SUCH a release for me and such a good self care tool.

So, to all my friends out their in the blogisphere. I love you <3

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antiSWer said...

I'd love to hear about getting a student. :)

Take care.