Thursday, June 4, 2009

I'm wearing a dress...

I'm off to a fundraiser for work right away.  Label me not impressed but going to make the best of it (rant to follow).  At least there's decent silent auction prizes.  

(rant begins now).  See the thing of it is, I had to buy a ticket to the stupid thing.  I mean, I totally support fundraising, we're none profit after all.  But I didn't want to shell out money when I could ahve bought at least 5 meals for the same amount... like seriously, a weeks groceries (granted I don't eat all my meals at home, but still).  I could have gone to Starbucks soooo many times on that amount of money.  I'm kinda pissed at my coworkers too.  I told them (the 3 I talk to most) that I'd go if they went.  As far as I knew, they weren't going, and then 2 days ago, I find out they are, and they're like "oh" we thought you were.  Okay, fine, misunderstanding.  Then I found out everyone on our team is going but me.  That's just great.  So then, I go and shell out the dollars.  I'm even wearing a freaking dress.  It's the first dress I've bought since my high school graduation.  I don't do dresses.  But this is a nice affair after all.  Bah.  

So anyway, what's your organizations policy on attending fundraisers, if you're the kind of place that does fundraisers...  Do you have to volunteer a certain number of hours, buy tickets, provide prizes for silent auctions?  Some places here actually have it written into contracts, and our agency may eventually.  But seriously, is it even appropriate to expect your staff to pay back their wages in fundraising?  


SocialWkr24/7 said...

UGH! This is a MAJOR pet peeve of mine. Every place I've worked at did fund raisers and the tickets ranged anywhere from $60-125 dollars. Staff were HIGHLY encouraged to go and at my current job it was mandatory because I was a supervisor. I refuse to attend (and pay the money) because its just really almost impossible in my budget. I managed to get out of it this year because I had a therapy group to run.

I usually just tell people that I "donate" half of my salary to the agency every year - you know, the other half of the salary that a person with a MASTERS should be making!

It might be petty - but oh well.

antiSWer said...

Were you obligated to buy the ticket and go, or did you have the option not to? If it's not mandated and you decided to go anyways, then I can see having to buy a ticket. But if you were required to go, you should at least have had the ticket fee waived.

Whether I'd provide volunteer hours for the place I worked would definitely depend on the place. But if I agreed to it in a contract, I'd just do it and if I didn't agree, fight it come contract time.

Brother Frankie said...

ok, but did it at least feel good to get dressed up in a dress?

i would say post a pic, but that would be so inappropriate and trollish

(just trying to get a positive vibe goin)

Be blessed
Brother Frankie
A Biker for Christ

Still Dreaming said...

You know, i wasn't initially pleased, but it didn't turn out so bad!