Friday, December 5, 2008

ants in my pants

I'm starting to get really antsy these days. I'm not quite sure what it is. I need adventure, or excitement, or something, anything! Realistically, this is the longest I've ever had one job. I've been at other places longer, but never full time like this (example, I taught gymnastics once or twice a week for five years). It's not that work is boring, it's that I feel like I've "mastered" it, and need to move on to new and exciting challenges. Maybe that's it, work doesn't challenge me in the same way anymore, or maybe that's not it. Because I'm constantly having to push myself and learn new things.

I love my job. I really love working with the homeless, I love building relationships with them, I love being able to provide them with things, encourage them, and challenge them. I enjoy doing drunk tank intakes, and I enjoy doing discharges because it gives me an opportunity to connect with people. It doesn't happen very often, but the times that I am able to have something quite deep with a client, make all the rest of the times totally worth it. Detox nights are great nights to relax, to have some good conversations (if anyone's awake) and do some good old mindless labour. Van patrol has got to be my favourite thing on earth, and it's really great to be out there in the midst of everything.

The thing is though, I'm just itching to do something new. To find a new challenges, to explore a new situation, to have something REALLY different happen. It's like I said before, that my whole life has been about goals, and now I don't really have one. I've worked at the shelter about two semesters worth of time. Now normally that would mean new classes starting, something new to do and to look forward to, but now that I'm not in school, everything just keeps plodding along at the same pace.

I'm hoping I'll get over it, because I don't really think changing jobs at this point is that answer. I'm thinking maybe I just need to push through it? In anycase, that's where I'm at these days...

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antiSWer said...

what about getting a part time job on the side? Something completely different that will challenge you in a different way?