Monday, April 28, 2008

It starts tomorrow

Here is goes, this social worker is stepping out, jumping in and hopefully not falling to hard when I hit the real world. Tomorrow I start a job at a homeless shelter, drop in, detox and intoxicated persons detention area. While it's not a "real" social work job, it's a start, and it's where my passions are.

I'm nervous. I got in a fight with my best friend this weekend, caused mostly by me, and I feel sort of like my heart is breaking in two. I wouldn't call it the best way to graduate or enter the workforce. Words hurt, even when you realize the next day that you don't really mean them. I've been crying on and off since Friday night, so I'm really hoping I can keep it together for tomorrow.

I can do this, right?

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Herman said...

finally got around to reading.

yes, you can do this. I think your new blog is wonderful. I am going to be a dedicated reader.